Toilet Clogs and Cures

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Toilet Clogs and Cures

With additional guests at the house this week there may be added potential for some clogs so lets go ahead and address that today.

The most common toilet maintenance problem is the clogged toilet. When confronted with a clog and the water level rises, people often flush the toilet again, causing the bowl to overflow. When the water level in a toilet bowl is higher than normal, do not flush it again. Wait until the water level drops back to normal, then try flushing. If it doesn’t drop back to normal, then it’s time for some toilet detective work.

First, turn off the water under the tank. If there isn’t a turn-off there or you can’t turn it, remove the tank lid and lift up on the float ball or cup. Then have someone else turn the water off at the main shut off valve.

You can try to find out what is gumming up the works. Using a glove, reach into the toilet tank, not the bowl, and try to get at the object. If you don't have some gloves handy, just use a plastic trash bag. This won’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

If it's not something in the tank, then it is definitely something in the waste line so you'll have to go for the plunger. Position the plunger over the hole and push downwards, beginning slowly and lightly and working up to a quick and forceful rhythm. If unsuccessful, try a toilet auger. Do not try using a regular plumbing snake in the toilet as it will scratch the delicate porcelain. Still no luck? Take a deep breath…and call the plumber. As usual if you need a good reference give me a call at 970-413-3737 and have a Happy Thanksgiving.